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 Gumbo Tradition.

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PostSubject: Gumbo Tradition.   Gumbo Tradition. I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 13, 2010 11:09 am

When I was growing up my grand mother on my moms side of the family would show up every Christmas Eve with a big pot of seafood gumbo...It was great and exciting for me as a kid to watch grand mother dip through the pot with a ladle and dip out a whole crab into my bowl...I had been around seafood all my life but dad and mom never cooked crabs in any way....My grand mother put them in the gumbo for the flavor and she knew I would eat them too....To me this meal was better than Christmas day meal but I never complained to anyone because I knew it was a tradition that my grandmother had started and I loved it.

In my teen years my mom and dad went through a divorce and I just drifted from friend to friend and the tradition was all but lost until I got on my feet by 22 years old and started writing parts of my life on paper...I barely stayed in touch with family for a few years and held alot of hard feelings towards others but I never forgot the gumbo tradition...I talked about it for years and thought about how nice it used to be....Six years ago I called my grand mother for a long awaited talk and in that talk the gumbo tradition on Christmas eve did indeed surface and we talked recipes...She told me that the recipe that she used was from her granny from many years ago and that she used it to the letter....When I told her that I had a recipe for gumbo and told her my version she went into awe....Since then she has tried my gumbo and claims mine is better than hers but I'll disagree everytime.

Since the phone call I made to my grand mother that November night I decided to fully take on this Christmas Eve tradition and make sure people that eat the gumbo know why I cook it ...theres more than one reason...Its a great meal before the traditional meal the following day...Its a comfort food to me and it sure warms you up on a December night....Like grand mother used to say, "It goes good with beer or bourbon".

This story is one facet of my life that I never forgot and it never forgot me... I held on to this one piece of life that kept me going through the years from one Christmas to another and made it a wonderful day even when I was alone...I hope and pray that you all can have a little of my gumbo on Christmas Eve...God Bless.
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Gumbo Tradition.
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